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We are very pleased to announce that we have reached our goal on Kickstarter! 


NuMu's campaign was selected by the jury of the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative to be included on Art Basel’s curated page on Kickstarter. As part of NuMu's mission to support, exhibit and document contemporary art, our project has successfully secured the necessary funding to support the extraordinary work of artist Joaquín Orellana.


Joaquín Orellana is a groundbreaking Guatemalan sound artist. Thanks to the generosity of many, NuMu's mission to record his masterpieces and preserve his unique artistic legacy is now under way.


We acknowledge that wihout your support, this would not have been possible.


Many thanks!


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Amigos del NuMu:



Hugo Quinto & Juan Pablo Lojo (Silver Egg)



Jonathan Nathusius (Silver Egg)

Kiko & Silvia Ebeni (Broze Egg)

Víctor & Miriam Kairé (Silver Egg)



Carlos Amorales (Diamond Egg)

Jonathan Selechnick (Bronze Egg)

Moisés & Ludmilla Benchaom (Silver Egg)



Federico Herrero (Diamond Egg)

Christopher Eaton (Diamond Egg)

Rudy Weissenberg (Golden Egg)

Lucas Dougherty (Silver Egg)

TEOR/ética (Silver Egg)

Joe & Beverly Koplowitz (Silver Egg)

Jonathan Selechnick (Silver Egg)

Aida Selechnick (Silver Egg)

Sofia Novella (Silver Egg)


Beatriz de Torrebiarte (Bronze Egg)

Alejandro Torún & Jessica Hammer (Bronze Egg)

Kiko & Silvia Ebeni (Broze Egg)

Jonathan Nathusius & Adriana Naim (Bronze Egg)

Carlos Perez-Albert (Bronze Egg)

Paola Santoscoy (Bronze Egg)

Johann Wolfschoon (Bronze Egg)

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