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On July 17th 2012, we organized a gathering and invited a group of people who, like us, believed strongly in the necessity for a museum dedicated exclusively to the exhibition, discussion, documentation and formation of contemporary art processes in Guatemala.


Today, these people make up Amigos del NuMu (Friends of Numu), and it is thanks to their generous support that NuMu stands open to the public, free of charge, 24 hours, almost every day of the year.


Throughout the past two and a half years, the public's response to NuMu has been very supportive, from the local and international art communities as well as the neighborhood. NuMu represents a new approach to museum making, and contributes to cultural and economic benefits for the neighborhood whilst providing an opportunity for visitors to experience contemporary art first-hand. We have a small, yet wonderful staff who live in the neighborhood, including Dinora, a restaurant owner and neighbor, responsible for keeping the museum open at its regular hours. We view these neighboring local businesses as extensions of the museum itself.


We are committed to strengthening NuMu's public program and to continue presenting exhibitions by some of the most interesting contemporary artists from across the world.



Click here if you would like to join Friends of NuMu





Huevo de 

Rudy Weissenberg

Christopher Eaton

Beatriz de Torrebiarte

Hugo Quinto & Juan Pablo Lojo

Alejandro Torún & Jessica Hammer

Kiko & Silvia Ebeni

Joe & Beverly Koplowitz

Lucas Dougherty

Jonathan Selechnick

Aida Selechnick

Jonathan Nathusius & Adriana Naim

Sofia Novella

Carlos Perez-Albert

Moisés & Ludmilla Benchaom

Víctor & Miriam Kairé

Paola Santoscoy

Johann Wolfschoon


Carlos Amorales

Amigos del NuMu

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